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Living With The Devil

A talk by Stephen Batchelor in Wellington, New Zealand, December 2004, focusing on the contents of his book "Living With The Devil".


TV Documentary on Stephen Batchelor

This thirty minute documentary on Stephen’s work was broadcast on national television in Holland on 20 April, 2008 as "Boeddhisme Zonder Geloof" ("Buddhism Without Beliefs"). It is in English with Dutch subtitles. It was made by Jurgen Gude and Jaap Verhoeven for the Boeddhistische Omroep Stichtung (BOS), "the first independent Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation in the West to produce and broadcast Buddhist programmes within a country’s Public Broadcasting System".


Buddhism and the Art of Imagining  

On October 4, 2008, Stephen gave a presentation in Amsterdam for the Boeddhistische Omroep Stichtung, entitled: Buddhism and the Art of Imagining, which explored the connections between Buddhist practice, creativity and the imagination. Jaap Verhoeven’s thirty minute programme consists of highlights from this talk, illustrated with some of Stephen’s still and video images, which were shown as part of the presentation.


How the West Misunderstands Buddhism  

Stephen Batchelor and John Peacock in dialogue, chaired by Madeleine Bunting, St. Pauls Cathedral, London, 21 March, 2011, as part of the series “Uncertain Minds”.


Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist: The Fascinating Spiritual Journey of former Buddhist monk Stephen Batchelor.

Interviewed by Dan Harris for ABC News. (9 March, 2010) 


Stephen Batchelor: Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

Book reading and discussion at Book Passage, Corte Madera, California, 19 March, 2010.


“Buddhism and Science”

Stephen Batchelor in conversation with Denis Noble, Voices from Oxford, May 2010.



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