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  • Answering the Phone

The phone rings.  Slowly and meditatively you get up to answer it.

The first ring brings you back to your body, to standing firmly on this earth.

The second ring makes you fully aware of life in this moment, helping you to focus on your breath.

On the third ring, you let flow from your heart understanding and kindness.  You wish happiness and joy to whoever is ringing.

You take the phone and are conscious of your hand holding it, not too tight and not too loose.

A friendly voice reaches out to you from far away, rejoice and appreciate this connection.  No need to rush the words.  There is time to talk and listen.

A difficult person is complaining and wants something from you that you cannot give.  You have patience and try to listen with an open mind and create a kind space between you.

A sales person is trying to get your details, gently but firmly you disengage the connection.

It is a wrong number.  Say something friendly and connect to an unknown person you’ll never meet again.

You are having lunch and someone ring to ask a favour.  You ask them kindly to please ring later.

You are answering the phone at your workplace.  You are trying to organise some work and things are not falling into place.  Be patient, to shout or become nervous will be an obstacle to the realisation of your project.

When the conversation is finished and the phone back on its base, stand or sit quietly for a few seconds, resting in stillness and meditation.

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