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When all I do is think about reality

And let awareness undermine itself --

I must stop. 


When I let go

Of fighting, loving, dealing,

Prostrating, circumambulating,

Sacred dance and gesture --

I am alone and independent.


When I let go

Of mundane chatter,

Chants, prayers,

Psychic-energetic recitation --

I am in silence.


When I let go

Of muddled mundane thought,

Faith, compassion,

Esoteric practices --

I’m open, vivid.




When you stop running --

The body’s at ease,

When it’s at ease,

Nerves are settled,

When they’re settled,

Mind energy’s settled,

When it’s settled,

Thoughts stop by themselves,

Luminous intelligence erupts.


(The yogi’s never sick

Because his body’s undisturbed.)


When you stop language games --

Wordless concentration starts,

Free flowing energy inside

Nerves of kati’s crystal hollow

Intensifies the light.


(The yogi’s life is long

Because his energy’s at ease.)


When you stop thinking --

The twists and turns of thought stop,

You break free.



Shabkar --  From the Flight of the GarudaThod rgal: 37b, iii - 38b, i., 1825.

Translated by Stephen Batchelor, 1998.

NB: kati: “a crystalline translucent nerve or channel connecting the heart with the eyes.”  John Myrdhin Reynolds.  The Golden Letters, p. 307.

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